Autobiographical Notes furnished by Mme Corelli

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Born Feb. 4, 1853 at Odessa, Russia, on the Black Sea just after her mother had sung the difficult straining role of Lenore in Beethoven’s opera Fidelio.

Moved to Vienna shortly afterward. Mother sued for divorce in 1856. Father was Professor C. Herrmann, the greatest magician who has ever lived. Mother was Mme. Rose Csillag, a prima donna in the Imperial Opera in Vienna.

Sent to school in London at age of ten. Two years of school in London, then six at Frankfurt a/M. At fifteen she won the grand prize at the conservatory and was presented with a concert grand piano from Baron Carl Meyer of Rothschild. Was a favorite of the Rothschild family.

Studied at the Paris conservatory when 16, then in Vienna.

Married William Singer in 1874 at age of twenty. A wealthy silk merchant who soon lost his fortune. Mme. Corelli decided to make a practical use of her musical ability and came to America where she joined the celebrated Levy’s opera company.

Traveled to Australia, New Zealand, Hawaiian Islands and other places with opera.

Returned to America in 1880 and got a divorce. Married again in 1881.

Toured America with own opera company of 60 people for four years.

Returned to Vienna where daughter Olga was born. Gave up opera.

Lived in Austria and Germany thereafter, becoming one of the foremost masetres in Europe. Taught many pupils who later became famous.

Her uncle, Alexander Herrmann a great magician. Houdini her cousin.

Her salon frequented by many famous contemporary musicians, diplomats, artists and members of the nobility. Close friend of Enrico Caruso, Rubenstein, Ambroise Thomas, Gigli, Rossini, Mme. Rathazzi, the favorite of Napoleon; the Israels of Berlin, the Rothschilds and other prominent families. Kaiser Wilhelm – King of Sweden (named after the king’s mother at his wish).

Now 82 years of age.