1931 – 12 December

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Dear, dear Mr. Lippincott,

Your dear letter dated Nov. 25th is before me—you were so kind and good to enclose 15 dollars for me! again 15$! You dear, kind, good hearted soul! I really don’t know how I shall ever be able to make this good. I wrote November 26 a pretty long letter regarding the coin—and I am afraid I made a great blunder. I firstly composed the letter, and then copied it. Of course I sent you the copy and in doing so I am afraid I tore up a sheet which ought to have been sent to you. Is that so? Was there a page missing in my last letter? If so, please be good enough to return the letter if you still have the same because all I have to tell about the coin is real interesting.

My pupil Mrs. Fasenmeyer has been here 3 months. She only wanted to remain that length of time; her father came to convince himself of her progress, was perfectly delighted and decided that she should remain another month, but of course I had to make a small reduction with the salary. I say never mind—it is a wonderful help that she remains another month, may be then somebody else will come. Something will occur—because a pupil of mine Miss Rose Meri sang last week here in Berlin at the Bühnen Club with wonderful success—in fact, I never read such press notices from a beginner. She was quite a sensation. I must try and get a duplicate notice and send it to you, although in German. Do be kind and have somebody translate it for you—it is really worth while.

What do you think of our conditions here in Germany? Is it not frightful? Thank heaven they have overpowered that crank Hitler!!! and since three days prices have been reduced considerably. The cold has set in quite vigorously. It is astonishing, yes wonderful, the immense amount of charity and good which is practiced, rather carried out daily, hourly for the unfortunate unemployed! But as there are millions of unemployed, not enough can be done! I do hope ere I close my eyes for good, to leave friends and acquaintances fairly situated! That is all I pray for! For normal times, as they were before the war, will never return, alas!

Please give Miss Dunbar my kind regards. As these lines will reach you about Xmas or New Years time, allow me to wish you a very merry Xmas and an exceedingly happy new year! May all your heart’s desires be fulfilled. Thanking you once more with all my heart for your wonderful help, for your wonderful kindness, believe me your very grateful, sincere


Do please write soon.

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