1931 – 26 November

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My dear dear Mr. Lippincott,

Enclosed I have written a detailed story of the Marokka coin. Keep the coin in your vest pocket as I have had it in my bag all these years—it must bring you the best of luck.

I thank you sincerely for your kind letter of October first and for the enclosed fifteen dollars that are such a wonderful help. Heaven bless you for it. Heaven bless you for thinking of me.

I am happy you foresee better times. People have lost their heads here. Not a day passes that some great catastrophy does not occur! Men who have had glorious, wonderful, influential positions turn out to be rogues and thieves. Do American papers give these reports?

I am really happy with my little apartment. I wish you were here to admire it.  They have not yet fixed the door to my room properly, but never mind, I must not growl about that.  I used to need 50 marks of coals a month, I need now 25 marks—that is a great difference. You know, I have no steam heat, but must have a warm room. I rather go hungry than freeze, am I right?  I have had quite another bad spell with these kidneys—it is far better now. I think the Almighty has got something good for me in store—at least I hope so.

Be smart, and pray for me! I know your prayers will be heard! Thanking you once more for your wonderful help—believe me your true and grateful friend,

Sincerely, Corelli

Do please acknowledge this as soon as you can!

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