1931 – 9 October

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My very dear friend Mr. Lippincott,

11 October 1931

It really is no use trying to have a minute for myself. I was again disturbed and could not continue this letter, which I began Oct. 9th. Just a few words to thank you once more and to tell you that Oct. 8th I went to the American Express and as enclosed receipt will show you sent off the Morocco silver coin. All admired the coin immensely. I insured it with 25$—they advised me to do so. That is 105 marks. All in all I paid insurance 2M50, postage, registry fee and expedition—4 Marks 20. I hope the little package will arrive safely and before all please you and bring you the very best of luck. Please keep the coin in one of your vest pockets, keep it near you, as I have done these last twenty five years.

My little house is finally finished, the door to my parlor was only varnished yesterday. They are slow workers.  I am feeling very comfortable and really have no desire whatever to possess 6 rooms! What for? It is all I need. I do hope that you will soon take a trip across and convince yourself. Then you must come straight from the depot to my house and be my guest. There is always room for a dear good soul as you are! You can have my parlor bedroom and I can make myself quite comfortable on the lounge in the dining room. I do hope to see you walk in some day.

I have unfortunately been quite ill these last 2 weeks. I had terrible kidney pains—could not sleep nights—lived on lemonade and black coffee—since 2 days I feel better—the pains have almost quite gone, but left me terribly weak.

What do you say to our political situations? Can you make out what people desire? what nations are aiming at? So many of my friends had to fail in business.

I must not forget to tell you that I also have received all your dear letters, in Aug. 17th, the registered letter enclosing 15$, and I am sure I thanked you for it with all my heart. It is a delight to read your letters. They also speak for better times, indeed I hope so!

The good news that I referred to was that I expected a new pupil. I am sure I told you Mrs. Fasenmeyer came September 6th, but disappointed me in her payment, cutting me down severely, only paid 100 marks instead of 150—and she will only study till Xmas time. She is progressing wonderfully. I hope that will encourage her father to let her stay longer. One cannot become a singer in 3 months. God bless you and keep from you every harm, to you all good fortune there is in this world. Keep well, dear friend, and please write as soon as you have received the coin and let me know how you liked it. Lots and lots of love and lots of gratitude from

Your faithful ever grateful friend,

B. Corelli

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