1931 – 8 October

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My dear Mr. Lippincott,

Three dear charming letters from you are before me, one dated September 8th, 16th and 22nd. I thank you with all my heart for your wonderful help—for the dear cheering and comforting words you give me.

Wednesday evening. My dear friend, I had to leave off. I have a terrible attack of kidney trouble—pains—that I could not sleep 3 nights. Forgive me, but these are pains of aging. I am writing these few lines and will go to bed using a warm electric pillow in my back.

I thank you so much for the dollar you sent in your last letter. Ill or well I shall go tomorrow to Adams Express Co. and send the coin off registered with return receipt. How considerate of you to send the dollar. I only want to tell you it was 25 years ago that the Kronenprinz celebrated his wedding in Berlin—my lady friend had a suite Under the Linden, in the bankhaus Blickraders house—a lot of guests were present, among them the Embassy of Maroko. They looked upon me as a great marvel. I invited them to attend a concert which I gave in the hall of our Sterns conservatory. The concert was fine and pleased them immensely. After that was a little lunch at my apartment. The interpreter told me that I must buy the meat from a Jewish butcher.  I had real cutlette and lettuce and imagine, they ate everything with their fingers and after each mouthful they dipped their fingers in the fingerbowl and used their napkin to dry their hands.

After lunch the Ambassador handed me the coin, telling me the Sultan himself made the coin. I hope you will like it, dear friend, and always wear it in one of your pockets as a souvenir from me.

Excuse me leaving off, but my pains are simply terrible. Once more a world of thanks to you!

Believe me your grateful, your ever grateful sincere


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