1931 – 10 September

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Please excuse this big clot—the letter fell on my inkstand when finished. The blot looks like a bird, does it not?

Dear friend Mr. Lippincott,

Are you angry or vexed at me? It is strange! To all my letters no answer. I even sent a registered letter August 22nd. I ought to have an answer by this time. Then I wrote again August 30th; of course no answer can come yet to that letter. Do let me know please if you are amazed at my letters—let me know if you do not wish me to write again. This is simply today to fulfill my promise to tell you that my pupil Mrs. Fasenmeyer has arrived and began lessons on the 6th instead of on the 1st and on account of our very miserable times has begged me whether she may not remit 100 marks instead of 150? Of course I condescended. Of course you read the papers and know what is going on in Germany. You, dear Mr. Lippincott, young as you are, you will certainly live to see better and brighter days, but old people like myself, they really have nothing more to live for in this world. I did not expect this end.

This present moment I have no comfort whatever in my house. I am entering a new contract Oct. 1st and at this present moment they have built a wall in the hallway dividing the corridor. Another wall has been built in my parlor separating the parlor from the balcony room. All my furniture (pretty nearly the furniture of 5 rooms) is now in my dining room piled up and I also have to sleep in that furniture store. My studio has not been touched and no extra furniture is in it as I must keep that room decent looking for my lessons.

I do not want to molest you with any more news. I only beseech you to let me know if all my letters have reached you and if you want to hear from me furthermore. I hope you are well and happy—it is more than I can say of myself. I have a very valuable coin in my possession which I would love you to have as a keepsake from me. When the Kronprinz married, the embassy of Marokko was in Berlin and I had the honor of their visit—also arranging and giving a concert for them at in the building of the Sterns Conservatory. As a token of gratitude, the interpreter handed me a silver coin, telling me the coin was made by the Sultan himself and that the coin was very valuable. I would like you to have it if you would kindly accept it from poor me! Hoping to hear from you by return of mail.

I remain yours most respectfully and most gratefully,

B. Corelli

The coin is a large as a 5 mark piece, but how to send it?

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