1931 – 7 August

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Dear Friend Mr. Lippincott,

It was charming of you to send me such a lovely young lady, Miss Mary Dunbar, to visit me. Miss Dunbar called Monday the 3rd inst. in the afternoon. I must have been on the balcony, not to have heard the bell. To my great amazement I found a card from Miss Dunbar, written on a hotel card, where she resided, with the following lines: Dear Madame Corelli, my friend Hall Lippincott to whom you were so kind three years ago, asked me to call while I was in Berlin. I am very sorry not to find you in and I am very sure that Hall will be disappointed not to hear news of you as he is very grateful to you! Mary Dunbar. I telephoned right away to the Kaiser Hotel and spoke with Miss Dunbar, begging her to breakfast with me the next day at 10 A.M. She could not come later as the whole party started for Potsdam at 11:30. So I had the great pleasure of meeting Miss Mary—a lovely being, a fairy! with the most beautiful blue eyes I think I ever saw! But how kind and sweet of you, dear friend, to speak thus of me! and to remember me so kindly! Thanks to you! to you only, could I invite Miss Dunbar and could put butter, raspberry jelly, and tomatoes on the breakfast table, besides tea and rolls. I must repeat it, only thanks to you!! We spoke a lot about our friend Hall! and I did not tell Miss D. anything of your wonderful kindness to me! Of your great help and generosity. I don’t know whether you would have liked it, whether you wanted the young lady to know.

Miss Dunbar invited me to dinner the same evening at the hotel at 8. I finally consented to come, but was unfortunately unable to keep the appointment, as 2 lady visitors came in, and I was unable to leave the house. So I sent my servant with some choice fruit and a nice note of apology—which I am sure the young lady will show you on her return house. Since then I have not heard from Miss Dunbar—she left Berlin without telephoning. Strange—and I hope she is not offended and angry that I did not come to the hotel. I don’t know her Chicago address or else I would send a note, but I am sure that you, dear friend, will be so kind and once more apologize for me. Yes?

Unfortunately I have nothing new to tell. Things are looking pretty dull and everybody dreads the coming Sunday. I think you will know the truth, the result by cable and newspapers before we do. I do not know why nations cannot be open hearted and open minded, also friendly to one another?  This is such a big and beautiful world, and room for everybody.

I would so much like to hear from you again, to learn if you are satisfied and happy in your new vocation. Is there anything I can do for you over here? Perhaps, so do let me know. I would be so happy could I be of some help and return your wonderful kindness to me in some other way. God bless you! With lots of love,

Your ever grateful motherly friend,


Is the direction right? or shall I address home?

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